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Life with Indica, Karma & Orka.. .

It was late 2006 when I found out about Lomography through the people I met in my random trips everywhere, and what drew me to it was the diverse range of cameras it offered – from the Supersampler, Fisheye, LC-A, Holga, Diana, Action Sampler etc. The different outcome of it’s photos was just so interesting and fun that it only took a millisecond for me to decide to get one. At first I really wanted to get an Action Sampler or a Frogeye only because I felt that it suited my ‘active’ lifestyle back then, with the occasional trips to the mountains, beaches and all. But it was only in 2008 that I got to buy my first lomo camera, a Holga 120CFN which I named Indica II (after Indica I, my now defunct Canon EOS 350D back in college), what I liked about the Holga was that it had a lot of options, from multiple exposures to the splash of colors you want in every picture – it was such a f***ing experiment! The only problem I had with my Holga was that it uses a 120mm film which was not available everywhere and was quite more expensive than the usual films in camera shops, so you either had to know a local ‘film pusher’ or order it online. But the complication doesn’t stop there because camera shops within my city didn’t process such film format, so you had to ship it to Manila and wait for it to be delivered into your home (and you could just imagine my excitement while waiting for my first batch of films to be delivered!).

self-portrait (first attempt with Holga 120CFN)

self-portrait (first attempt with Holga 120CFN)

Einstein, Kidlat's pit bull (Holga 120CFN)

Einstein, Kidlat’s pit bull (Holga 120CFN)

the now defunct Junkshop Collective Store (Fisheye1)

art at the Junkshop Collective (Fisheye1)

Intramuros, Manila (Fisheye1)

Intramuros, Manila (Fisheye1)

graffiti at Intramuros (Fisheye1)

graffiti at Intramuros (Fisheye1)

MIng Tombs, China (Fisheye1)

Ming Tombs, China (Fisheye1)

mi bellas (Holga 120CFN)

mi bellas Bohol trip (Holga 120CFN)

But my love for lomography didn’t stop with the Holga 120CFN, fastforward a few years later in 2011 my partner-in-crime Kidlat surprised me with a Diana F+ and a Fisheye2. Finally, I had my own Fisheye and didn’t have to borrow my friend Le’s Fisheye1, which I took with me to several trips. And then there was the Diana F+ which also offered a lot of options for shooting, and these new babies I named Karma (Diana F+) and Orka (Fisheye2). Aside from the sporadic shoots here and there, it was also great meeting new people who share the same interest in Lomography when my friend Kate asked me to join Analog Cebu (a group of Lomo enthusiasts in the city who are a lot more dedicated and 100x more talented than yourstruly). Although I am not very much active in the group, I still learn a lot from them and get inspired to shoot more everytime I see their posts and pictures. With the many lomo cameras still available out there, I don’t think that I’d stop at 3 cameras though – still thinking hard and saving up for the next lomo purchase. I’m definitely not a pro at taking pictures with these babies and don’t plan to take it to such a serious level, I just merely want to have fun with it – like how it’s designed to be.

airplane ride (Fisheye2)

airplane ride (Fisheye2)

Digos, Davao (Fisheye2)

Digos, Davao (Fisheye2)

farmland carabao x megasketcher (Diana F+)

farmland carabao x megasketcher (Diana F+)

falling city (Diana F+)

falling city (Diana F+)

Pasir Ris, Singapore (Diana F+)

Pasir Ris, Singapore (Holga 120CFN)


old Singapore skate park (Holga120CFN)

my babies - Karma, Orka & Indica

my babies – Karma, Orka & Indica II

Analog Cebu in our lomowall at the old Outpost

Analog Cebu in our lomowall at the old Outpost (forgot who took the picture)

Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

***click Lomography for more info and photos, also check out my lomo page – http://www.lomography.com/homes/pilarnereida  


Mind of A Genius

          I only got acquainted with Salvador Dalí when I was in college, I stumbled upon his work while randomly browsing the internet. Having very little knowledge about art and it’s history didn’t stop me from appreciating it, so with Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol and some other famous artists to my recognition, Dali was instantly added to the list. A few minutes of browsing through his works and I was a fan, his whimsical approach to paintings and sculptures were very amusing (anything unconventional easily catches my attention by the way). I should be thankful to Dadaism for giving birth to Surrealism who in turn gave birth to artists like Dali, it was travesty at it’s best.

          The gods were definitely at our side when Kidlat and I went to Singapore last year and although only finding out about Dali’s exhibit at the Art Science Museum a day before our flight back home, we still managed to squeeze in a few hours before our flight to check out Dali’s “Mind of A Genius” exhibit. With a few obstacles along the way (getting lost, unnecessary side trips and a very limited budget) we finally made it to the Art Science Museum, even while still outside the museum I felt so benighted because it was my first time to set foot in such an ‘extravagant’ museum, the ones I get to go to were the usual, unelaborate and very old museums that sometimes reeked of deterioration and dust (can’t wait for the day when Cebu will have enough funds to build our very own Art Science Museum). So after entering and paying for our tickets, we had to ride an elevator to the 2nd floor (if I remember it right) to where the exhibit was located. Already giddy on the elevator, you can’t imagine the goosebumps I had the whole time I was in the exhibit, it felt so surreal being surrounded with Surrealism! A day wouldn’t be enough going through Dali’s work, it just isn’t.. .

The Melting Clock displayed outside the museum

Sal's famous mustache welcomes you to the exhibit

St. George and the Dragon - commonly seen as the battle against evil and heresy

Alice in Wonderland - Dali was drawn to the incredible story-line and extravagant characters

Anthropomorphic Cabinet - a personal favorite of mine

The Unicorn - which Dali chose to portray as a phallic figure, the female figure stretched out underlines the sensual nature of this work

Adam & Eve - well you know the story!

Space Elephant - Dali's depiction of power and domination based on "The Temptations of St. Anthony"

Dali's religious depiction on the strength and supremacy of God in his 'Vision of the Angel'

One of Kidlat's personal fave - Anthropomorphic Cross

More of Salvadore Dali's paintings

and sketches.. .

Dali's interpretation of Ovid's Art of Love

"Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic." -Dali

Before Angelina Jolie there was Mae West's Lips or sofa for that matter (notice the tables and chairs on the wall - oh the illusion!)

In all the photos was the world-famous mustache

The biggest painting I've seen so far is 'Spellbound' - Dali's collaboration with filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock

Dali paraphernalia for sale - curse our limited budget!

          Just a little more FYI to make the story more interesting, I’ve mentioned that we went to the exhibit a few hours before our flight back home right? And as it turns out, when we got to the airport our flight was cancelled and moved the next day! If only we had known, we would’ve spent the whole day at the Art Science Museum with Dali and also got to spend more time checking out Van Gogh’s paintings  projected through a light show with music, which was really trippy because it felt like you were on LSD with all the colorful paintings moving (not that I’ve tried LSD, based on movies and research of course). But with all those circumstances, I can still stay say that it was probably the highlight of my year and I’m looking forward to more amazing exhibits – hopefully I’ll get to see Basquiat next.. .

Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

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