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KALAYO – uniquely Filipino World Music

Kalayo is a new ‘old’ band who has been in the Filipino music industry for as long as I can remember, they were formerly PINIKPIKAN, one of the best bands and probably the first to introduce world music to the country. And now known as Kalayo, they are still the same group of talented people who just won’t stop giving us great music, the band is Sammy Asuncion, Louie Talan, Boy Garrovillo, Budeths Casinto, DJ Rodriguez and Reli de Vera. Of all the band members, I’m only familiar with Sammy Asuncion since he’s practically an old soldier in the music industry and many great musicians have been under his apprenticeship, and of course there’s Louie Talan whose music I really got to follow being with Razorback, Kapatid and even his other projects like Loquy, Malaya and a lot more (he seems to be very in demand no?). So I got to see Kalayo play at the Outpost last 29th of March and it was well worth the wait since my friends and I arrived around 8:30pm and they only got to play after 12 or so but hey admission was free so no complaints here. Although we didn’t get to finish the show and left shortly after their first set nevertheless, we still got to listen to really good music.

chatting up with brother Louie, Louie,Louie.. .

Sammy and I

For more information about Kalayo like gigs or to just listen to their music, checkout their website here or like their page on Facebook. Also, watch the video of their first single ‘Lumaban Ka’ in their album Kalayo Malaya on Youtube. Enjoy! ;-)

Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

***photos by El Torrefranca


the Deftones.. . relived!

I missed out on a few good concerts from international artists this year and last year like The Stone Temple Pilots, Bryan Adams and even the rumored (which was untrue of course) Aerosmith concert in Manila. Then there was Red Hot Chili Pepper’s concert in Hong Kong and the Foo Fighters’ cancelled tour in Singapore. I even wanted to attend the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival in Puerta Galera last week but as always, my budget wouldn’t permit me to be wasted on music and the arts for 3 days (sadly, I really did imagined myself attending it). But although I did missed out on those events, Kidlat and I were able to attend one international act last year and without regret because seeing the Deftones live last February 12 at the World Trade Center in Manila was worth every cent we paid – from the airfare, cheap ass accommodations and very minimal shopping from the local ‘tiangges’. 

spoiled myself on a VIP ticket

So we flew to Manila from Cebu on the wee hours of the morning since our flight was like 4:30am and had to wait for most of our friends who had a later flight that morning, and breakfast at the nearest McDonald’s was the most practical way to start the day and do the waiting. After our friends arrived, we decided to look for a place to stay that was convenient (meaning: cheap and accessible), and after a taxi ride and several kilometers of walking around everywhere and all other spontaneities in-between we got to check in to this very cheap motel/transient house with the help of a friend we bumped into at the mall. After several hours of trying to waste time and a wardrobe change, we decided to head out to the concert venue earlier than expected (although Kidlat and I managed to squeeze in little time to visit Intramuros to see the graffiti he was very interested to see), there was already a line forming when we got there but we still ended up being one of the early bird groups that arrived.

from the airport to the streets and to the Mall of Asia (taken w/ a Lomo Fisheye)

Kidlat in Intramuros a few hours before the concert (taken w/ a Lomo Fisheye)

Well you could just imagine everyone’s excitement when the gates were opened and they let the people in, I think it was about 7 or 8pm that time (and we got there 4 or was it 5pm, excited huh?) and people went to there respective lines inside because there was a separate door for the VIP, Gold and Silver ticket holders. And after an hour or so of waiting and brushing shoulders with a few local rock stars here and there, the show finally started with Slapshock as the first of the two opening acts performing that night. I didn’t really remember what songs or how many songs they played that night, we were all just waiting for the Deftones to play and I didn’t think a lot of people really paid that much attention too. I didn’t even get to pay attention much to Urbandub, who like the rest or most of the crowd that night also came from Cebu (well you can tell by the amount of people cheering for them). And then there was darkness – it was like waiting for a divine entity to show itself to the ‘hungry’ followers, then a familiar voice greeted the crowd and the people we’ve agonizingly waited for 5 hours or more finally came up on stage. The lights were turned on and Chino seemed like an apparition that the people unexpectedly expected to see (girls were shrieking and I swear I also heard some guys too!) and the long unforgettable night started with the band playing Birthmark. Famous songs from their old albums like Engine No. 9, Be Quiet and Drive, Digital Bath, Hexagram, Knife Party, Minerva, Change, Passenger etc. were played but not to miss also were the equally great songs from the latest album Diamond Eyes like Rocket Skates, Sextape, You’ve Seen the Butcher, CMND/CTRL, Royal and Beauty School also got the crowd moving. It was all so surreal but like all good things they say must come to an end, and the Deftones couldn’t have ended it better by playing ‘7 Words’ and it was such a riot! Perhaps we’ll see them again in a few years for another concert but with Chi Cheng getting to tour with them this time, keeping our fingers crossed.. .

waiting in line is the hardest part when you're all excited and ready to gooo!

bumped into Ian of Queso/Wilabaliw

the hosts for the night, the always entertaining Ramon Bautista and some girl.. .

the apparition that was Chino Moreno

Sergio steps into Chi Cheng's place while the latter is still in coma

Stephen doing his thing

oh the modern age! funny coz I didn't even get to take a single photo during the concert.. .

it was very sweet of Chino when he reached out to the starstruck concert goers

he was thisclose!

similar to death, you know it's the end when you can see the light

P.S. — Waiting and wishing for summer this year because Morrissey will be playing on the 13th of May (my birthday!) in Manila. My hopes are still high that I’ll be able to go.. .

Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

***photos during the concert from Bea, Mitchay and Nyca

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