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what would Jeff Buckley do

I am bound to infinitely stare at this blank note given by a former lover who refused to tell me the meaning of such clean and crisp white paper crumpled by my frustration to interpret its ghostly writing. Maybe Jeff Buckley will sing me the answer, but then again I can’t rely too much on a dead guy.. . The message just like Mr. Buckley passed away even before I’ve come to know of its existence. ‘Oh, and the sting shall cease’, i can hear thy lover say.. .

PiLar Nereida (01/08/2009)

***photo by Marie Chiong (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California)


old friend, new black & white photos

Almost 2 months after our Paper Flight exhibit and I just had to share with you my friend Mykee’s photo contributions, these are black and white photos that she took around different spots in Los Angeles, California (with the paper plane of course). Mykee is one of the closest if not the closest friend that I have in our group and even if she left after 6th grade to migrate to the US, we’ve always kept in touch all these years. We’ve always gotten along and agreed on most things if not all, and we’ve been happily swimming against the flow ever since – from one crazy head to another huh! Thank God for her almost yearly visits since 2005? When she comes to visit I’m almost assured that we’ll have more crazy misadventures and I only regret that we didn’t get to spend much time together when she came this year because I’ve been busy with this ‘higher education’ that I’m currently taking but the exhibit itself was already a really great time spent together. So back to the photos, I’m really proud of these shots that she took because first, I love black and white photos and second, she used a Holga 35BC camera and god knows how fond I am of Lomography (which I will dedicate a separate blog soon for that little hobby of mine since I myself is a proud owner of a Holga 120CFN, Diana F+ and Fisheye 2) and shooting with film is much more challenging for obvious reasons. I am no photography expert or critic but the raw look of the photos is just so appealing – you couldn’t get more unedited than that!

airplane x paperplane

Chinese dragon lion x paperplane

graffiti x paperplane

LA river x paperplane

random chair x paperplane

Chinatown x paperplane

graffiti x paperplane

city buildings x paperplane

my fave - random couch in street x paperplane

graffiti x paperplane

city streets x paperplane

stencil in sidewalk x paperplane

multiple exposures x paperplane

girls flying paperplane

my other fave - LA ducks x paperplane

It’s raddd to have a life partner-in-crime like Mykee, it’s true that only crazy people truly understand each other and I’m not afraid to go crazy especially with her! Cheers to more years together dearieee, can’t wait for your next visit.

Mykee & Pilar - coz we're cleva! ;-)

Peace, Love & RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

He has always been attracted to her but she was the incorrigible pessimist and told him from the start that nothing could possibly last forever. He was the hopeful one and eager to win her over, although at times he finds her abstruse, her impetuousness was rather appealing. The attention he was giving her was flattering but made her uncomfortable, she never liked entertaining guys but this one was different – he wasn’t amazingly talented or jaw-droppingly good-looking but he had a certain je ne sais quoi that surprisingly drew her to him. So the companionship went on for years, faithful to their compromise – that she won’t reciprocate the love until she really felt it while he patiently waits for that day. In most days they would spend it talking about anything and everything in a bench under a tree in school, at times they’d agree but disagreed the most in the long talks that they’d have. One topic he wouldn’t forget was when he asked her what she’d want for a pet and without giving it much thought, she answered right away that she would love to have a dinosaur. She could give the most unusual and out-of-this-world answers and he’d accept it right away, he has grown susceptible to the strangeness that was her. And on the eve of Halloween while everyone else was out, they decided to spend it on her house watching re-runs of his favorite TV series even if she wasn’t much of a fan of those. When they grew weary from watching too much tube, he said his goodbyes even if she offered him to stay for the night. Feeling rejected she went back to the living room to watch more TV shows that’ll possibly put her into slumber when she noticed a red paper bag with her name written on it, she opened it and found a Triceratops action figure along with a note attached saying “Yes, you will be loved.. . forever”.

***photo by Phaye Alvar (Placerita Canyon, Sta. Clarita, California)

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