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the Deftones.. . relived!

I missed out on a few good concerts from international artists this year and last year like The Stone Temple Pilots, Bryan Adams and even the rumored (which was untrue of course) Aerosmith concert in Manila. Then there was Red Hot Chili Pepper’s concert in Hong Kong and the Foo Fighters’ cancelled tour in Singapore. I even wanted to attend the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival in Puerta Galera last week but as always, my budget wouldn’t permit me to be wasted on music and the arts for 3 days (sadly, I really did imagined myself attending it). But although I did missed out on those events, Kidlat and I were able to attend one international act last year and without regret because seeing the Deftones live last February 12 at the World Trade Center in Manila was worth every cent we paid – from the airfare, cheap ass accommodations and very minimal shopping from the local ‘tiangges’. 

spoiled myself on a VIP ticket

So we flew to Manila from Cebu on the wee hours of the morning since our flight was like 4:30am and had to wait for most of our friends who had a later flight that morning, and breakfast at the nearest McDonald’s was the most practical way to start the day and do the waiting. After our friends arrived, we decided to look for a place to stay that was convenient (meaning: cheap and accessible), and after a taxi ride and several kilometers of walking around everywhere and all other spontaneities in-between we got to check in to this very cheap motel/transient house with the help of a friend we bumped into at the mall. After several hours of trying to waste time and a wardrobe change, we decided to head out to the concert venue earlier than expected (although Kidlat and I managed to squeeze in little time to visit Intramuros to see the graffiti he was very interested to see), there was already a line forming when we got there but we still ended up being one of the early bird groups that arrived.

from the airport to the streets and to the Mall of Asia (taken w/ a Lomo Fisheye)

Kidlat in Intramuros a few hours before the concert (taken w/ a Lomo Fisheye)

Well you could just imagine everyone’s excitement when the gates were opened and they let the people in, I think it was about 7 or 8pm that time (and we got there 4 or was it 5pm, excited huh?) and people went to there respective lines inside because there was a separate door for the VIP, Gold and Silver ticket holders. And after an hour or so of waiting and brushing shoulders with a few local rock stars here and there, the show finally started with Slapshock as the first of the two opening acts performing that night. I didn’t really remember what songs or how many songs they played that night, we were all just waiting for the Deftones to play and I didn’t think a lot of people really paid that much attention too. I didn’t even get to pay attention much to Urbandub, who like the rest or most of the crowd that night also came from Cebu (well you can tell by the amount of people cheering for them). And then there was darkness – it was like waiting for a divine entity to show itself to the ‘hungry’ followers, then a familiar voice greeted the crowd and the people we’ve agonizingly waited for 5 hours or more finally came up on stage. The lights were turned on and Chino seemed like an apparition that the people unexpectedly expected to see (girls were shrieking and I swear I also heard some guys too!) and the long unforgettable night started with the band playing Birthmark. Famous songs from their old albums like Engine No. 9, Be Quiet and Drive, Digital Bath, Hexagram, Knife Party, Minerva, Change, Passenger etc. were played but not to miss also were the equally great songs from the latest album Diamond Eyes like Rocket Skates, Sextape, You’ve Seen the Butcher, CMND/CTRL, Royal and Beauty School also got the crowd moving. It was all so surreal but like all good things they say must come to an end, and the Deftones couldn’t have ended it better by playing ‘7 Words’ and it was such a riot! Perhaps we’ll see them again in a few years for another concert but with Chi Cheng getting to tour with them this time, keeping our fingers crossed.. .

waiting in line is the hardest part when you're all excited and ready to gooo!

bumped into Ian of Queso/Wilabaliw

the hosts for the night, the always entertaining Ramon Bautista and some girl.. .

the apparition that was Chino Moreno

Sergio steps into Chi Cheng's place while the latter is still in coma

Stephen doing his thing

oh the modern age! funny coz I didn't even get to take a single photo during the concert.. .

it was very sweet of Chino when he reached out to the starstruck concert goers

he was thisclose!

similar to death, you know it's the end when you can see the light

P.S. — Waiting and wishing for summer this year because Morrissey will be playing on the 13th of May (my birthday!) in Manila. My hopes are still high that I’ll be able to go.. .

Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

***photos during the concert from Bea, Mitchay and Nyca


Dubai Clock Tower

Dubai's Clock Tower

The Clock Tower was built over 40 years ago and is Dubai’s oldest monument, although today it’s just another roundabout in Dubai’s increasing traffic.The Clock is located in eastern Dubai in Diera and was constructed by Overseas AST. The enormous clock was actually a gift from Sheikh Ahmed of Qatar who was also Dubai’s Sheikh Rashid’s son-in-law. The Sheikh did not know what to do with such a large clock, so a certain Mr. Bulard who also had just completed building the Sheikh’s Zabeel Palace made a sketch for his idea on a clock tower. In the early 1960s, the area where the Clock Tower is located today had become an important road intersection so this was a suitable site and Mr. Bulard also suggested that it be placed on a traffic roundabout to protect the tower. It was also one of the first roundabouts in Dubai.

A lot has assumed that the most proper name for it would be the Diera Clock Tower since it was after all located in Diera, but the fact was that the clock was presented to Sheikh Rashid as the ruler of Dubai and not specifically to Diera. It was only chosen because it was an important access point to Dubai in those days and the first significant structure seen upon arriving overland. Unfortunately in 1972, the Clock Tower began to crack and disintegrate so repairs were necessary. Defective material must be removed and the structure to be completely encased in a new ‘skin’, so the Clock was refurbished (said to have been Seiko who did the work) and is back to its former glory.

Coordinates: 25° 15′ 31″ N, 55° 19′ 35″ E


***photo by Rica Uy (Dubai Clock Tower, Diera, Dubai)

References: http://www.dubaiasitusedtobe.com, http://www.wikipedia.com

He has always been attracted to her but she was the incorrigible pessimist and told him from the start that nothing could possibly last forever. He was the hopeful one and eager to win her over, although at times he finds her abstruse, her impetuousness was rather appealing. The attention he was giving her was flattering but made her uncomfortable, she never liked entertaining guys but this one was different – he wasn’t amazingly talented or jaw-droppingly good-looking but he had a certain je ne sais quoi that surprisingly drew her to him. So the companionship went on for years, faithful to their compromise – that she won’t reciprocate the love until she really felt it while he patiently waits for that day. In most days they would spend it talking about anything and everything in a bench under a tree in school, at times they’d agree but disagreed the most in the long talks that they’d have. One topic he wouldn’t forget was when he asked her what she’d want for a pet and without giving it much thought, she answered right away that she would love to have a dinosaur. She could give the most unusual and out-of-this-world answers and he’d accept it right away, he has grown susceptible to the strangeness that was her. And on the eve of Halloween while everyone else was out, they decided to spend it on her house watching re-runs of his favorite TV series even if she wasn’t much of a fan of those. When they grew weary from watching too much tube, he said his goodbyes even if she offered him to stay for the night. Feeling rejected she went back to the living room to watch more TV shows that’ll possibly put her into slumber when she noticed a red paper bag with her name written on it, she opened it and found a Triceratops action figure along with a note attached saying “Yes, you will be loved.. . forever”.

***photo by Phaye Alvar (Placerita Canyon, Sta. Clarita, California)

electric blue shoes

It was the busiest street in the city and the stranger was staring at my electric blue shoes. I never would’ve minded if he wasn’t wearing peculiar clothing himself, I’ve never seen a guy wear a bright blue belt under a tucked in grey polo, at least not on a Monday. He looked too caught up in his thinking and my shoes was some sort of diversion. He was obviously distracted and just needed something to focus his eyes on and it would’ve been awkward if he stared at some other body part that didn’t need the attention. Perhaps he had broken up with his girlfriend or had a rift with a sibling or parent? Well he could also be having trouble with his finances or maybe some work-related affairs. I would’ve dared to ask him his qualms had he not stood up, smiled and walked away. Oh stranger, I’m sure everything is going to be alright, maybe my electric blue shoes helped after all.

***photo by Vic Mercado (Times Square, New York)


Mind of A Genius

          I only got acquainted with Salvador Dalí when I was in college, I stumbled upon his work while randomly browsing the internet. Having very little knowledge about art and it’s history didn’t stop me from appreciating it, so with Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol and some other famous artists to my recognition, Dali was instantly added to the list. A few minutes of browsing through his works and I was a fan, his whimsical approach to paintings and sculptures were very amusing (anything unconventional easily catches my attention by the way). I should be thankful to Dadaism for giving birth to Surrealism who in turn gave birth to artists like Dali, it was travesty at it’s best.

          The gods were definitely at our side when Kidlat and I went to Singapore last year and although only finding out about Dali’s exhibit at the Art Science Museum a day before our flight back home, we still managed to squeeze in a few hours before our flight to check out Dali’s “Mind of A Genius” exhibit. With a few obstacles along the way (getting lost, unnecessary side trips and a very limited budget) we finally made it to the Art Science Museum, even while still outside the museum I felt so benighted because it was my first time to set foot in such an ‘extravagant’ museum, the ones I get to go to were the usual, unelaborate and very old museums that sometimes reeked of deterioration and dust (can’t wait for the day when Cebu will have enough funds to build our very own Art Science Museum). So after entering and paying for our tickets, we had to ride an elevator to the 2nd floor (if I remember it right) to where the exhibit was located. Already giddy on the elevator, you can’t imagine the goosebumps I had the whole time I was in the exhibit, it felt so surreal being surrounded with Surrealism! A day wouldn’t be enough going through Dali’s work, it just isn’t.. .

The Melting Clock displayed outside the museum

Sal's famous mustache welcomes you to the exhibit

St. George and the Dragon - commonly seen as the battle against evil and heresy

Alice in Wonderland - Dali was drawn to the incredible story-line and extravagant characters

Anthropomorphic Cabinet - a personal favorite of mine

The Unicorn - which Dali chose to portray as a phallic figure, the female figure stretched out underlines the sensual nature of this work

Adam & Eve - well you know the story!

Space Elephant - Dali's depiction of power and domination based on "The Temptations of St. Anthony"

Dali's religious depiction on the strength and supremacy of God in his 'Vision of the Angel'

One of Kidlat's personal fave - Anthropomorphic Cross

More of Salvadore Dali's paintings

and sketches.. .

Dali's interpretation of Ovid's Art of Love

"Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic." -Dali

Before Angelina Jolie there was Mae West's Lips or sofa for that matter (notice the tables and chairs on the wall - oh the illusion!)

In all the photos was the world-famous mustache

The biggest painting I've seen so far is 'Spellbound' - Dali's collaboration with filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock

Dali paraphernalia for sale - curse our limited budget!

          Just a little more FYI to make the story more interesting, I’ve mentioned that we went to the exhibit a few hours before our flight back home right? And as it turns out, when we got to the airport our flight was cancelled and moved the next day! If only we had known, we would’ve spent the whole day at the Art Science Museum with Dali and also got to spend more time checking out Van Gogh’s paintings  projected through a light show with music, which was really trippy because it felt like you were on LSD with all the colorful paintings moving (not that I’ve tried LSD, based on movies and research of course). But with all those circumstances, I can still stay say that it was probably the highlight of my year and I’m looking forward to more amazing exhibits – hopefully I’ll get to see Basquiat next.. .

Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

Paper Flight stories?

          Consequent to the Paper Flight exhibit, I wanted to still make use of the photographs that our friends have sent. I didn’t like the idea that it was only used for that one night event, after all they put in so much effort and time in participating that I felt like I owe it to them and the world to showcase such photos. So I decided to make use of the photos by incorporating personally composed short stories and poetry into it, and if at times I may lose my creative will to write, I may just add some information and facts about the place that may be useful if ever you decide to take flight there. So how’s that? Interesting enough? Expect the first ‘Paper Flight story’ in the coming blogs and tell me what you think about it.


Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

***photo by Phaye Alvar (Sta. Clarita, California)

the Paper Flight exhibit

           We all have that one childhood memory of making paper planes, even annoying our teachers by flying them in class. But gone are the days when you compared paper planes with friends and attempting to ‘ out-fly’ each other by making it fly higher or last longer in the air. Today, paper planes are replaced with those high-tech gadgets that I’ve always find hard to get acquainted with, and the friends? Already mapped all over the globe. So how do we bring back those good ol’ days? That exactly is the main goal of the exhibit. So we asked our friends from all over (unfortunately, we couldn’t find a contact from the Arctic or Antarctica) to take us with them to their place by taking photos of interesting spots in their area with an object that would represent us – this is where the paper planes come in.. .

          The diversity in the photos is just raddd, from the differently made paperplanes (the Origami paperplanes from Japan are a fave!) to the unusual spots where the photos were taken. It just shows that we’ve got a bunch of creative friends! And we couldn’t thank them enough for the time that they took from their busy lives to participate in this little project of ours. This exhibit is for them and by them, it is their exhibit, we are just the fortunate ones to execute it.

Setting up the exhibit - photos and other materials were everywhere, chocolates anyone?

Paperplanes greet the guests at the entrance

We made it to Paris, France

Roamed around Venice, Italy

Skinny dipped in the Bahamas and made love with the sun in Gibraltar

The early bird awardees that night

The place was packed!

Performance art by Kidlat and Bart

Pilar, El and Miranda

         All the love to our contributors, like I said this exhibit is by all of you and we just merely executed it. We hope this wouldn’t be the last and you won’t get tired of participating in our little projects. I’m already racking my brains for the next one, I’m sure another great idea will pop out soon. Let’s just all cross our fingers for next year.. .

Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

His Narcissus.

He slumbers, I awake
In my desolation I celebrate
My weapon of peace,
Is the nakedness of silence.

photo and words by: Pilar Nereida (01.2011)

Cebu Contemporary

          Late last year, my partner-in-crime Kidlat was asked by his agent to produce paintings for an upcoming exhibit which will run for the month of January this year. He only had less than a week to prepare and execute the paintings, which of course he was able to do and was the last among the other Cebu artists to put up his work (beating deadlines the last-minute seems to work for both of us!). The concept of his paintings were the seven deadly sins as represented by games and other elements of a children’s party, which I leave the interpretations up to you. Kidlat’s paintings were situated outside the entrance door because it was ‘different’ from the usual abstract paintings that were inside. Perhaps this ‘difference’ made it stand out and greeted the guests who had different reactions upon seeing it. Nevertheless, I always take pride in his work because in many ways we will always be different from most.. .

          So which is Gluttony? Greed? Sloth?  I am quite perplexed myself, all up to your imagination and reasoning. Here are some works from the other artists in the exhibit.. .

Amen by Wenceslao Cuevas

Final Warning on Global Warming by Sio Montera

Pilar and Kidlat

Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

***photos courtesy of Bea Lopez’s Instagram

The grey walls on your apartment seems to emanate a dark mood on our light conversation, after all it’s been 3 years since we’ve last talked and I’m glad to start it like this before we go into more ‘important’ matters. Calling me 5 days ago to set-up this ‘date’ was surprising but predictable, having heard the news from friends, I wasn’t really expecting that you’d want to break it to me after years of no talk. I guess we really did mature and somewhat ‘evolve’, just like that silly  mauve round coffee table that we’ve always imagined to be other things rather than being the setting for your art books and ‘zines, and that green and blue kid’s lamp we bought at the flea market downtown during the Christmas holidays. The mauve table Looks more chic now that it’s next to your newly upholstered royal blue couch, psychedelic chic I must say.

As you slowly make your way across the room to obtain the neatly placed vermilion mugs on the cupboard, I think to myself that no you would not offer me coffee, which you did of course. I politely refuse and ask for beer instead, I managed a tacit laugh as you poured the blood-red wine into the mug. Unfittingly tasteful still. Your thoughtfulness was one of the things I’ve postulated, sorry.

My gaze shifts to those good ol’ records that you’ve religiously kept and still display on the shelves above where our idiot box used to be. Back then we always had this banter over Miles and Coltraine, not to forget – with Pollock and Basquiat too huh?  But getting back to business, you finally open up about your engagement, how you crossed paths over a macchiato and an espresso, I was never a coffee fiend so good for you. I imagined your fiancee’s belly swell and host your screaming and kicking little terror. It made me feel my belly – which will never house our gene’s successor/s, we never really thought of that did we? So you pour more wine in to my mug and tell me that you are unsure of being able to handle such responsibility, I assure you that you will, you were a good lover and maybe that will qualify you as a good father, I jokingly said. You mention of the past and we open up to the days of yore, next thing I notice was the time on your orange clock, it was past 1am. With an awkward stance you kiss me on the forehead and thanked me for the night, I gave a wry smile, said my goodbyes and hurriedly left for the door, leaving it ajar as I ran for the elevator that was closing down the hall.. .

Pilar Nereida (10/2011)

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