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finally added a Flag Counter!

I was never a computer techie and all that technical stuff just baffles me, it took me a while to get acquainted even with WordPress. So when I decided to put a Flag Counter on my site last night I thought that I’d be able to do it without any online help but as you may have guessed, I wasn’t able to. So I decided to seek online help today and viola! there it is at my sidebar! It may sound silly to some but it’s such an accomplishment for a semi-illiterate on computers like me. So I feel like I owe it to those who are not that talented with website stuff like me to be able to help with at least just putting a Flag Counter, it’s actually very easy and here are the steps:
1. visit FlagCounter http://flagcounter.com/ and go to section “Customize Your New Flag Counter” as per your wordpress theme/looks
2. click the button “GET YOUR FLAG COUNTER”
3. it will generate 2 codes, take the one with  “Code for websites” and copy it.
4. go to your wordpress dashboard then to appearance
5. choose widget – text, paste it on text and save.
6. check WordPress site if it worked and if it did then cheers!

Peace, Love & RakenRoll,
Pilar Nereida


the Sea Nymph speaks.. .

So this is where the everyday exploits and bursts of ideas from a twenty-something beatnik will reside. Take pleasure in my adventures (or misadventures at most!) as I paint the town in black and white.

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