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He has always been attracted to her but she was the incorrigible pessimist and told him from the start that nothing could possibly last forever. He was the hopeful one and eager to win her over, although at times he finds her abstruse, her impetuousness was rather appealing. The attention he was giving her was flattering but made her uncomfortable, she never liked entertaining guys but this one was different – he wasn’t amazingly talented or jaw-droppingly good-looking but he had a certain je ne sais quoi that surprisingly drew her to him. So the companionship went on for years, faithful to their compromise – that she won’t reciprocate the love until she really felt it while he patiently waits for that day. In most days they would spend it talking about anything and everything in a bench under a tree in school, at times they’d agree but disagreed the most in the long talks that they’d have. One topic he wouldn’t forget was when he asked her what she’d want for a pet and without giving it much thought, she answered right away that she would love to have a dinosaur. She could give the most unusual and out-of-this-world answers and he’d accept it right away, he has grown susceptible to the strangeness that was her. And on the eve of Halloween while everyone else was out, they decided to spend it on her house watching re-runs of his favorite TV series even if she wasn’t much of a fan of those. When they grew weary from watching too much tube, he said his goodbyes even if she offered him to stay for the night. Feeling rejected she went back to the living room to watch more TV shows that’ll possibly put her into slumber when she noticed a red paper bag with her name written on it, she opened it and found a Triceratops action figure along with a note attached saying “Yes, you will be loved.. . forever”.

***photo by Phaye Alvar (Placerita Canyon, Sta. Clarita, California)


electric blue shoes

It was the busiest street in the city and the stranger was staring at my electric blue shoes. I never would’ve minded if he wasn’t wearing peculiar clothing himself, I’ve never seen a guy wear a bright blue belt under a tucked in grey polo, at least not on a Monday. He looked too caught up in his thinking and my shoes was some sort of diversion. He was obviously distracted and just needed something to focus his eyes on and it would’ve been awkward if he stared at some other body part that didn’t need the attention. Perhaps he had broken up with his girlfriend or had a rift with a sibling or parent? Well he could also be having trouble with his finances or maybe some work-related affairs. I would’ve dared to ask him his qualms had he not stood up, smiled and walked away. Oh stranger, I’m sure everything is going to be alright, maybe my electric blue shoes helped after all.

***photo by Vic Mercado (Times Square, New York)


Mind of A Genius

          I only got acquainted with Salvador Dalí when I was in college, I stumbled upon his work while randomly browsing the internet. Having very little knowledge about art and it’s history didn’t stop me from appreciating it, so with Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol and some other famous artists to my recognition, Dali was instantly added to the list. A few minutes of browsing through his works and I was a fan, his whimsical approach to paintings and sculptures were very amusing (anything unconventional easily catches my attention by the way). I should be thankful to Dadaism for giving birth to Surrealism who in turn gave birth to artists like Dali, it was travesty at it’s best.

          The gods were definitely at our side when Kidlat and I went to Singapore last year and although only finding out about Dali’s exhibit at the Art Science Museum a day before our flight back home, we still managed to squeeze in a few hours before our flight to check out Dali’s “Mind of A Genius” exhibit. With a few obstacles along the way (getting lost, unnecessary side trips and a very limited budget) we finally made it to the Art Science Museum, even while still outside the museum I felt so benighted because it was my first time to set foot in such an ‘extravagant’ museum, the ones I get to go to were the usual, unelaborate and very old museums that sometimes reeked of deterioration and dust (can’t wait for the day when Cebu will have enough funds to build our very own Art Science Museum). So after entering and paying for our tickets, we had to ride an elevator to the 2nd floor (if I remember it right) to where the exhibit was located. Already giddy on the elevator, you can’t imagine the goosebumps I had the whole time I was in the exhibit, it felt so surreal being surrounded with Surrealism! A day wouldn’t be enough going through Dali’s work, it just isn’t.. .

The Melting Clock displayed outside the museum

Sal's famous mustache welcomes you to the exhibit

St. George and the Dragon - commonly seen as the battle against evil and heresy

Alice in Wonderland - Dali was drawn to the incredible story-line and extravagant characters

Anthropomorphic Cabinet - a personal favorite of mine

The Unicorn - which Dali chose to portray as a phallic figure, the female figure stretched out underlines the sensual nature of this work

Adam & Eve - well you know the story!

Space Elephant - Dali's depiction of power and domination based on "The Temptations of St. Anthony"

Dali's religious depiction on the strength and supremacy of God in his 'Vision of the Angel'

One of Kidlat's personal fave - Anthropomorphic Cross

More of Salvadore Dali's paintings

and sketches.. .

Dali's interpretation of Ovid's Art of Love

"Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic." -Dali

Before Angelina Jolie there was Mae West's Lips or sofa for that matter (notice the tables and chairs on the wall - oh the illusion!)

In all the photos was the world-famous mustache

The biggest painting I've seen so far is 'Spellbound' - Dali's collaboration with filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock

Dali paraphernalia for sale - curse our limited budget!

          Just a little more FYI to make the story more interesting, I’ve mentioned that we went to the exhibit a few hours before our flight back home right? And as it turns out, when we got to the airport our flight was cancelled and moved the next day! If only we had known, we would’ve spent the whole day at the Art Science Museum with Dali and also got to spend more time checking out Van Gogh’s paintings  projected through a light show with music, which was really trippy because it felt like you were on LSD with all the colorful paintings moving (not that I’ve tried LSD, based on movies and research of course). But with all those circumstances, I can still stay say that it was probably the highlight of my year and I’m looking forward to more amazing exhibits – hopefully I’ll get to see Basquiat next.. .

Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

Paper Flight stories?

          Consequent to the Paper Flight exhibit, I wanted to still make use of the photographs that our friends have sent. I didn’t like the idea that it was only used for that one night event, after all they put in so much effort and time in participating that I felt like I owe it to them and the world to showcase such photos. So I decided to make use of the photos by incorporating personally composed short stories and poetry into it, and if at times I may lose my creative will to write, I may just add some information and facts about the place that may be useful if ever you decide to take flight there. So how’s that? Interesting enough? Expect the first ‘Paper Flight story’ in the coming blogs and tell me what you think about it.


Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

***photo by Phaye Alvar (Sta. Clarita, California)

the Paper Flight exhibit

           We all have that one childhood memory of making paper planes, even annoying our teachers by flying them in class. But gone are the days when you compared paper planes with friends and attempting to ‘ out-fly’ each other by making it fly higher or last longer in the air. Today, paper planes are replaced with those high-tech gadgets that I’ve always find hard to get acquainted with, and the friends? Already mapped all over the globe. So how do we bring back those good ol’ days? That exactly is the main goal of the exhibit. So we asked our friends from all over (unfortunately, we couldn’t find a contact from the Arctic or Antarctica) to take us with them to their place by taking photos of interesting spots in their area with an object that would represent us – this is where the paper planes come in.. .

          The diversity in the photos is just raddd, from the differently made paperplanes (the Origami paperplanes from Japan are a fave!) to the unusual spots where the photos were taken. It just shows that we’ve got a bunch of creative friends! And we couldn’t thank them enough for the time that they took from their busy lives to participate in this little project of ours. This exhibit is for them and by them, it is their exhibit, we are just the fortunate ones to execute it.

Setting up the exhibit - photos and other materials were everywhere, chocolates anyone?

Paperplanes greet the guests at the entrance

We made it to Paris, France

Roamed around Venice, Italy

Skinny dipped in the Bahamas and made love with the sun in Gibraltar

The early bird awardees that night

The place was packed!

Performance art by Kidlat and Bart

Pilar, El and Miranda

         All the love to our contributors, like I said this exhibit is by all of you and we just merely executed it. We hope this wouldn’t be the last and you won’t get tired of participating in our little projects. I’m already racking my brains for the next one, I’m sure another great idea will pop out soon. Let’s just all cross our fingers for next year.. .

Peace, Love & some RakEnRoll,

Pilar Nereida

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